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5/10pcs Soft Lures Tail Jigging Wobbler Fishing Lure

5/10pcs Soft Lures Tail Jigging Wobbler Fishing Lure

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Why this lure

Immerse yourself in the lifelike allure of these soft lures, expertly engineered to replicate the natural movements and appearance of prey. The result? A fishing experience like no other, where each cast brings you closer to landing the catch of a lifetime.Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your angling journey, our Soft Lures Bait Tail Jigging Wobblers are versatile companions. From precision jigging to tantalizing wobbling, these lures are built to adapt to your fishing style and the ever-changing conditions on the water.




Quantity: One Set

Model Number: 10pcs Soft Lures Bait


Weight: 1.2g/1.6g/2g/4.2g

Length: 55mm/63mm/7mm/9mm

Material: Silicone /Rubber

Color: 10 different colors


Lure Type: T tail Double Color Silicone Soft Lure

Weight: 1.2g/1.6g/2g/4.2g

Length: 55mm/63mm/70mm/90mm

Material: Silicone/Rubber

Color: 10 Different Colors


Packing Quantity:

SIZE 55mm: 10pcs/bags

SIZE 63mm: 10pcs/bags

SIZE 70mm: 10pcs/bags

SIZE 90mm: 10pcs/bags

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